Colours of Moscow

Colours of Moscow Fall `14 - Color Grading by Serge Kosevtsov, DI Colorist. "Moscow which I love & I live in". Colot Grading of BMPCC on Liberty
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This video is about Moscow and places of the city which I love to see, where I love to be. I called this “Moscow which I love and I live in”. But that is not only idea why I create this video. Mostly it is my big practice of working with BMPCC RAW material in Color Grading.



This small cinema camera is so much popular on internet and there are so much reviews and tests. OMG. And I like it. But as you know “You Never Know Till You Try”. So when I got camera first my videos I shot in Prores. And I never use anything except Camera itself and Panasonic H-HS12035 12-35mm f/2.8 lenses. I was very disappointed because I could’t reach good result in Post Production of BMPCC Prores. And I am to be very careful next time I decide to shoot in Prores. Saying about RAW we got absolutely another situation. RAW is RAW you know. I felt good playing around with *.dng sequences.

I like the result and sooner I will add some more information about Post Production Process as well as before-n-after images and source files.



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