Bali Wet Season

Color Grading by Serge Kosevtsov

Wonderful Wet Season of Bali. January! And wonderful Hot Season of Color Grading of my own. This Jan 2015 I graded film
of Bali Vacations from Private Family Video Collection. I won’t add the video to the post this time but there are some stills from this film. As to my mind them are amazing! Marvellous Bali.

Well, looking on Moscow grey winter skies so much fun to work with rich colors of tropical island. There are a lot of Cloudy, Sunny and Rainy days, a lot of smiling people, a lot of surfers, a lots of tourists, a plenty of waves and one amazing island and them all are in my Grading Room.

Enjoy and be inspired! Welcome on Bali, my friends.

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