Thor The Dark World

Thor: The Dark World | Color Grading by Serge Kosevtsov
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Hi everyone, my friends. On days while serfing the web I found photo of Thor, of course I mean Chris Hemsworth in his best role in Thor: The Dark World. So, here it is: Wonderful source material to play around with Color Grading. “Bingo!!!”, I thought and started my little game. Well. I want to say that it’s just jpeg, but in high quality, low compression. Here we got 5K Resolution and pretty well Color Depth. Looks pure enough and it’s possible to imitate LOG picture. But still it’s just jpeg. If you got your jpeg image deep-deep dark or highlighted forget about good result. Just compromise between quality and rich look. But here we got pretty well balanced image and let’s check out my grading results below. First image is source jpeg. S0, Thor is in Liberty Graphics Gallery now. Well done. If you wanna see Before-n-After please visit this page and check at the list.

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